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“My KiddieRail has been fabulous for teaching our little girl to use the stairs. At a year old she was holding onto it as she crawled/shuffled up the stairs and once she was walking there was no stopping her. The rail was a great help to her confidence on the stairs, to my confidence with her on the stairs, and to keeping the wall free of sticky hand prints!

And visitors with kids have loved it, especially when their little ones naturally grabbed on. Thanks very much! I really hope to see it in more places soon”

Gemma, Mum from London

“Was especially surprised at the durability of the rail. Was certain my kids would drag it out of the wall within a day but I’ve had it installed for two months now and it’s as sturdy as when we first installed it, despite their best efforts! Would recommend wholeheartedly for parents of headstrong toddlers”


Lucy, Mum from Rochdale

“My house has safe stairs but our in-laws’ stairs are incredibly steep so it’s really important our kids have something to grab onto that isn’t too high for them to reach safely. For that purpose KiddieRail is literally perfect – has helped to stop the visions of my children plummeting down the stairs and breaking their necks that I get every time I drop them off before work!”

Hannah, Mum from Wolverhampton

“We decided to buy KiddieRail as we were worried about our two year old Granddaughter’s Katie’s safety when using the stairs. I had some concerns about fitting it, but the process was relatively easy and took me less than an hour.  They even supply the string and a spirit level which is great and saves some time. Overall it was definitely worth buying the KiddieRail, we feel more relaxed when Katie is using the stairs and the product compliments the safety gates that we have installed at the top and bottom of the stairs”


Richard, Grandad from Kent