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Safety on Stairs Statistics

The March 2012 Pediatrics Journal estimated that 90,000 children fall on the stairs every year, which works out as once every 6 minutes. Janet Brooks of the Primary Children’s Medical Center actually estimates that figure to be much higher in reality, as not every fall on the stairs earns a trip to the ER: “If you multiply that several times you’d probably have a more accurate number of children falling.” Furthermore, in the 10 year study, more than 87% of the injured were children walking downstairs unassisted. This could be avoided with KiddieRail.


  • It is estimated that more than 2.2 million children ages 14 and under are treated annually at hospital emergency rooms for fall-related injuries.
  • More than half of fall-related injuries among children occur among ages 4 and under.
Source: Stanford Medicine Children’s Health

We have chosen to highlight the need for KiddieRail in the Home, but please be aware that the safety measure also applies in any environment where children are attending from sports centres, schools, shopping centres, leisure attractions etc. Accident statistics are involved in all these destinations.