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Fully adjustable to grow
with your child’s needs!

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KiddieRail will provide safety and security for your child when using the stairs and offer peace of mind for parents and childminders alike.


Using KiddieRail is a matter of instructing your child to hold the KiddieRail every time they use the stairs.


Through rigorous testing with the assistance of FIRA, we have demonstrated that KiddieRail can withstand the weight of children up to the age of 6.

More about KiddieRail

KiddieRail is an award-winning adjustable handrail that fits below a standard handrail at a height suitable for young children. From the moment your child begins to learn to walk until they are aged 5, KiddieRail will provide safety and security for your child when using the stairs and offer peace of mind for parents and childminders alike.

KiddieRail also acts as a training aid for parents and childminders, providing your child with a handrail at a natural height in order to teach them how to use the stairs safely from an early age.

KiddieRail is easy to install and incredibly durable, and is supplied with a free 2 year warranty.

“The Safety Standard for safety gates BS EN 1930: 2011 states clearly that they are recommended (and therefore designed) to protect children up to the age of 24 months (as opposed to two years old which could include a child at 35 months!).

Children over the age of 24 months have developed cognitive reasoning (and often before) so may attempt to climb the gate, or will copy the parent and learn to open it. At this point the safety gate is of no safety benefit and introduces some hazards to the growing child.

Teaching your child from the earliest age how to climb stairs in a safe manner is important. Using a handrail offers stability to a child and adult handrails are usually too wide for little hands, and too high to be used safely by the child.

KiddieRail, therefore, seems to fill this obvious gap in stair safety for children over the age of 24 months.

– Carol Ainge, Kid Rapt MD + Child Safety Expert

KiddieRail – Safer Steps to Growing Up

Our KiddieRail is designed with sturdiness at the heart of the product, because we strongly believe that when it comes to your child, products should be safe before they are anything else.


Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I need a KiddieRail?

The March 2012 Pediatrics Journal estimated that 90,000 children fall on the stairs every year, which works out as once every 6 minutes. Janet Brooks of the Primary Children’s Medical Center actually estimates that figure to be much higher in reality, as not every fall on the stairs earns a trip to the ER. Therefore it is vital to safeguard your stairs as best you can.

Is KiddieRail Safe?

KiddieRail has passed extensive testing and has proven its’ durability, both in in-house testing and at FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association). For more information regarding testing, see our Testing results.

How do I install my KiddieRail?

KiddieRail installation requires a drill, a tape measure, a pencil and 2 screwdrivers; 1 flathead and 1 crosshead. It is, however, a straightforward process to install, and should take no more than an hour; please refer to our Online Instructions when installing the product.

What are your delivery times?

Delivery times vary based on your location, but generally orders take between 2-7 days to arrive. Please see our FAQs for more information.

Fully adjustable rail height

Once purchased, your KiddieRail will support your child until they can use the adult handrail.

Straightforward assembly

Putting together the KiddieRail is a matter of following the steps laid out in our Installation Guide.

Staircases come in many forms.

Config 1 – Standard

One complete standard, wall-side, KiddieRail pack. The dimensions of this pack if installed as seen in the above diagram would be 348cm (L).

If you have any questions about KiddieRail, please get in touch!