Safety on Stairs

Safety on Stairs

“KiddieRail – Safer Steps to Growing Up”

Safety on Stairs Statistics

The statistics show that most stair injuries occur in the home. In the UK there are nearly as many deaths each year from accidents in the home as from traffic accidents. Falls account for over half of these accidental deaths, and half of the deaths from falls relate to stairs. There are an estimated further one quarter of a million non-fatal accidents on stairs in the home each year, which are serious enough to cause the victim to visit their GP or hospital. It has been calculated that there is a fall suffered on stairs in the UK every 90 seconds. (BSI Group)

RoSPA Statistics

According to Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) each year approximately 58,000 children under five have accidents on the stairs, while, according to Childalert 35,000 children under four years of age fall down the stairs each year. That is just shy of 100 per day, a staggering figure and one that is completely avoidable.

Worldwide issue

Our investigations additionally have found a detailed analysis in the American marketplace, which shows a child is treated every six minutes after having an accident on the stairs. That is nearly one million under-fives hurt every decade. Furthermore, 46.5 injuries occur per every 10,000 children under age 5, according to the study published in the journal, “Pediatrics!”. This demonstrates the scale of the issue, and also shows that it is a universal issue that needs to be fixed.

We have chosen to highlight the need for KiddieRail in the Home, but please be aware that the safety measure also applies in any environment where children are attending from sports centres, schools, shopping centres, leisure attractions etc. Accident statistics are involved in all these destinations. Get your KiddieRail here.