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Why You Need To Get A KiddieRail

We at KiddieRail know that there are few things that bring a child more pride at a young age than feeling they are emulating their mummy or daddy. Whether it is pretending to talk on a toy phone, having their own steering wheel in the backseat of the car, or even using the grown-ups’ toilet for the first time, your little one loves to feel that they are ‘all grown up’ and able to do just as you do.

However, there are situations where this desire to copy can put a little ones’ safety at risk. One of the most prevalent is when they try to go up or down flights of stairs, trying to use a handrail that in most cases is too high for them to safely hold on to.

The Solution

We at KiddieRail have noted that there has been considerable parental concern over banister safety, and with good reason. Staircases are hard to childproof; stairgates are useful, but children find ways over them. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has reported that an estimated 58,000 children fall down stairs every year. In addition, falls on stairs in the home account for 44% of all children’s accidents.

With this in mind, we endeavoured to provide a solution, and we are proud to now announce our newest product: KiddieRail, a stair rail built for your child. With an adjustable handrail, it can always be in the most convenient position for your child to grab onto in order to make ascents and descents much safer.

KiddieRail: Childproof

Furthermore, we recognise that children are not the gentlest, which is why Kiddie Rail is incredibly durable. In independent testing the product withstood a load equivalent to an 18-month child hanging from it for a period of two weeks without any sign of failure. This is why we confidently offer a 5 – year warranty with every individual KiddieRail. Your child can have trust in KiddieRail, and you can have trust in us.